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LTL Shipping

Star of Logistics less-than-truckload (LTL) service provides solutions for shipments that are too heavy for a parcel carrier and too small for a full truckload. LTL is cost effective compared to traditional truckload services because the shipper only pays for the space occupied. Star of Logistics has an extensive network of carriers to secure capacity, and those carriers are pre-approved to ensure quality service. Utilizing carrier procurement, network design, and freight routing, LTL provides a comprehensive solution.


FTL Shipping

In case of delicate freight and extremely time-sensitive freight we offer dedicated Full Truck Load services. Star of Logistics Truckload provides pop-up and contracted capacity solutions for customers of all sizes. By utilizing shorter-term contracts and existing equipment and drivers, Star of Logistics can get moving faster than other contracted services. All trailers are equipped with the latest technology to track and measure capacity, improving visibility into your supply chain.

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