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E-Commerce Delivery

E-Commerce Fulfillment Services Customized for Your Business Partner with Star of Logistics for Elevated eCommerce Logistics. Looking for a more robust fulfillment company? We can keep up with your business needs; provide best-in-class customer experience and the seamless integration you require. We offer customized omni-channel fulfillment services with fast order processing and lower shipping costs. We understand that every retailer has a unique set of requirements for delivering a perfect brand experience to their consumers. That’s why we offer customized online fulfillment services that will keep your business moving, your way – with faster order processing and lower shipping costs.


Sortation Services

Along with E-commerce delivery services, Star Of Logistics also provides Sortation services in which goods scheduled to be shipped are sorted into groups that shares a distinguished quality or characteristic. Sortation services makes shipper’s work easy because Sortation team already sorts the goods and items and then hand it over to the shipper. The main purpose of Sortation service is to increase the control and bypass the sorting processes at the side of shipping team and hence reducing the shipping time.